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  • We build responsive websites for the Next Generation Web

    HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery

    Responsive web design is quickly becoming the new standard and best practice of modern web development. By 2015, there will be more web traffic coming thru mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets than thru desktop computers. Since your website gives your potential clients, employees and partners first impression about your company, it will have to adopt responsive design patterns to stay competitive. We can help you build or upgrade your website to be modern, beautiful, responsive and accessible from any device.

  • We create mobile applications based on web standards: HTML5, CSS3, JS

    iOS, Android, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8

    As the native mobile app market becomes increasingly fragmented, it is clear that there is a need for a solution that can re-use code and design across platforms. But why invent a new solution when it is already there: the Web? We can help to create mobile web applications that will offer a good number of advantages over native apps, they are powerful and truly cross platform applications, scalable and affordable solution for everyone. They use standard web technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and work equally well on any device.

  • We provide custom optimization and support for all Web needs

    Web, Mobile, Front-End, Back-End

    We can provide custom solution for any type of websites to help solve slow loads or general performance problems. We get under the hood of your website and analyze your design, page structure, included CSS and JavaScript files. We optimize your frontend or backend components to provide the complete solution to increase speed and performance of your website or web service. Using latest Open Source technologies, we can fine tune your backend server to eliminate bottlenecks and achieve performance you need.

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The Future, how awesome is it?


The Future, how awesome is it?

Mobile Web Applications

Native Mobile Apps vs Web Mobile Apps

Building native applications for all popular mobile platforms requires multiple developers with strong knowledge of Objective C (iOS), Java (Android), and C# (Windows Phone). It is not only difficult to manage and control, it is very hard to predict the final cost of whole application development.

On the other hand, building mobile web applications requires developers with common skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, standard web technologies that have been around for many years. Those skills and experience can be used to develop fully functional mobile web applications that work equally well on all major mobile platforms: iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods), Android (Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, HTC One, HTC One X), Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820), and BlackBerry 10 (Z10, Q10, PlayBook).

Mobile web applications are much easier to build, test, publish and support by a small group of developers.

Next Generation Web

The key components of the Next Generation Web

Mobility and Accessibility: In post PC era, websites and web applications have to be fully functional on smartphones and equally accessible from any other device.

Responsiveness: Websites have to adopt responsive design patterns to work well across all screen resolutions.

Standard: Web development is based on open, standard technologies: HTML5, CSS3 and enhanced JavaScript.

Quality Content and SEO: Errors free, user centric content with contemporary style and structure gives websites a much better chance to get noticed, read, recommended to others and used again. Search engine optimization can generate more traffic and bring new visitors to websites.

Social and Collaborative: More people connect with each other thru the Web. They can easily communicate online to share information or knowledge and collaborate on multiple tasks. They can work together on different projects to achieve common goals.

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Confident and Calm


Confident and Calm

We have AnotherVision

We are a small team of young upbeat individuals. We love to work on challenging projects and believe in simple elegant forms. We are open-minded and have courage to innovate using latest web technologies.

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